Taking Things As They Come

Whether it is conscious or not, when you take on the beginning of something you are simultaneously open to its ending. Few things (if any) last forever and while we may not put our focus on the end at the beginning, it’s there isn’t it? There’s a general awareness of how things may or may not turn out.

I notice that we often try to avoid the endings that we’d prefer not to experience. This puts your energy and your focus right where you don’t want it and as a wise coach once told me, what you resist will persist.

Instead of avoiding what we don’t want, what if we face it. Face the end just as the beginning, with open arms. I’d even go so far as to say face it with love (which in this context some may call acceptance). Love what is and what will be regardless of the outcome. It is an exercise in trust. An exercise in faith and possibly the biggest form of acceptance one can practice.

So this week take the bad just as you take the good and the dark just as you’d take the light. Embrace it all no matter how hard, how scary or how emotional and let me know what happens.

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